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how do i find out how many shares i have

rusty 25.07.2010, 12:14
hi all
know its a daft question,
how do i find out how many shares i have in a company ?

reason i ask is i've got a load of dana petrolium shares but cannot rmember how many as they have had so many changes over the years, but over last few weeks they have gone up to around ?17, so think its time to cash in

miss out everytime they go up (been ?19 in past) as i always say i dont need the money so i'll keep it in the shares, now i need to be hard and cash in every time any share hits a good price, then buy something else
evilsatan 25.07.2010, 13:51
Who's your stockbroker? If you have an online account login and it will tell you all details, if not call them and they can let you know. If you don't have one already I strongly advise you to open up an online account, it makes trading so fast and easy. I use Hargreaves Lansdown .... as they are the cheapest for me, but it does depend on your trading habits to which stockbroker works out best.
gunner 26.07.2010, 01:53
Yea, just call your broker?
rusty 26.07.2010, 02:54
don't have a broker been years since i traded in shares,
i will try to sort one out with hargraves lansdown

JonEp 26.07.2010, 16:22
Enter your name and details here in bottom left hand corner of the page.

rusty 26.07.2010, 20:05
just email registrars, need to send them signed letter
rusty 27.07.2010, 00:00
just email registrars, need to send them signed letter
ELT 25.01.2011, 00:00
It would appear that Capita are the registrars for those shares. Call them on 0******0 and they can tell you how many you have
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