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3 old men in shower

CaptainRizla 24.10.2008, 17:19
No idea of a place to put this or even how to really describe it.

If you are bored and want to catch someone out (I've dropped the address on a couple of peoples desks and waiting for them to get curious enough to visit the site). ....

BE WARNED!!! Incredibly NSFW
ming 25.10.2008, 18:53
f@cker lol
got me there, nice tune though
ERNIE 22 17.11.2008, 11:17
Me to :( first time i seen this type of thing was in college a few years back few of my class mates created a little program and place the exe file on the shared drive about 30 different course probably about 50 classes!

The logo of the exe was changed to look like a game exe or fire fox,msn and more there was three versions but the best/ funnest one put up a man with his c**k in hand on full screen. would not let you out and every time you clicked to try our hit ctrl-alt-del it sent said image to the printer. Even we who created it and new what to look for got caught out because people took what we had done and changed the code our what ever and saved in to look like an image our what ever and because the file size was different you didnt think. i ripped the power cord out the once i got caught automatic reaction and lost half a days work was so pissed!

I have never laughed as hard in my life at people trying to get rid of it before the tutor seen it then next thing the printer going mad printing out the image!

In the end up the had to take the computers offline for two days and cut the access to the shared space as it spread every were.

good times childish as hell but good all the same
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