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THE Best Father Ted Clip Ever....

brumbino 21.08.2008, 03:31
...and if you don't believe me your wrong, so Jimmy Hill Chin Chin Chin!

YouTube - Father Ted: The cows
Welsh Pete 21.08.2008, 11:29
I knew which one this was before I even clicked the link :)
beansontoast 21.08.2008, 12:13
Classic clip :)

This is my favourite though (audio is low for some reason):

YouTube - Father Ted - Mrs Doyle

Get your bollocks out of my face :D
Nibb 21.08.2008, 12:28
YouTube - Feck Off, Cup
chesser 21.08.2008, 12:45
Love Father Ted one of my all time favs, I love the first ever time you see Mrs Doyle trying to get down from the window sill I absolutely pissed myself
ap0c 21.08.2008, 13:51
my fav:

YouTube - Father Ted - My Lovely Horse
Freddy 21.08.2008, 13:53
:D Cheered me up this morning.

Classic series.
soulassassin 21.08.2008, 13:56
Some of my favs.......

YouTube - racist father ted, looks like hitler to chinese people
Gavin M 21.08.2008, 14:04
Father Ted is classic, any clip of father ted is a good clip
stevo25 21.08.2008, 14:37
heres my favourite Mrs Doyle clip
Father Ted, get a good mental picture

YouTube - Father Ted, get a good mental picture
FireBlade 21.08.2008, 14:38
My Fave kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse!
soulassassin 04.09.2008, 16:48
Soz to drag this up again but this ep was on last night...

YouTube - Father Ted - dent
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