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Silvercrest camping / portable sat kit

luggagewarrior 03.03.2008, 15:44
I've started playing with the above again to try to get some sense out of it, now with the aid of an x-y positioner on a 1.8m dish at work, I can see about 10 sats, from due south going eastwards.
The box comes with 8 sats programmed in, with a different number of channels stored against each sat setting. By deleting all stations, all stored channels are erased and only the sat list remains, so after pointing the dish to receive a feed, (as shown on a spectrum analyser) and selecting any of the sats from the menu list, eg EutelW2 on the box to store the channels against, I can scan for fta channels which are populated against this sat name. I could then select Eutel W3 and do the same scan again and the same list gets stored into the W3 space. I assumed that to aid correct allignment, the selection of the particular sat on the menu would have involved some kind of recognition by the Rx, that the sat being downlinked from was a match. This is not the case, and it emerges that the 8 sat names are a fancy way of writing 'mem loc 1' or 'mem loc 2', for all of the satellites detected channels to be dumped into.
I neeed to know which sat is which (for software downloads from Astra 19), however the detected stations bear little resemblance to the listings that can be found online.

What is the best way of actually identifying the satellite that I point to.

The stuff on the box says that it is Diseqc 1.2, however it only has 1.0, 1.1 when toggling the on screen options. Is there a way of getting the 1.2 facility to control a polar positioner?
I've tried ringing their help lines but theyre as much use as tits on a fish.
item url ....

krazylegz 04.03.2008, 15:46
not sure about silvercrest m8 as they are really cheap chinese recivers with hardly any support or patches etc.

you would be much better off getting a TM1500 or TM5400 usb for the ease of use,popularity and huge support including autoupdate patches on the likes of premiere,tps,digitv,polsat etc
luggagewarrior 06.03.2008, 14:57
Thanks for that M8, I might get one for the house, the above was for wet weather entertainment when we go camping and the local terrain prevents terestrial TV reception. As a complete satellite kit, the silvercrest is pretty good and the versatility shows that some thought has gone into it. As I said, the customer support is abismally non existant.
I need to find the satellite with plenty of UK channels on it (FTA because there is no decrypt on it) but can't match the downloaded program lists to the on line advertised lists, so identification of the sat is difficult. I connected it to my dads sky dish and picked up a fair ammount of stuff, uk mainly, but I haven't been able to find it on the work xy dish or the supplied dish. I'll keep looking thanks.
Nibb 06.03.2008, 15:06
Does it allow you to search manually for particular frequncies/ polarities fec etc?

If so go to lyngsat .... and download the info for Astra 28E.

Once you have found the sats using the spectrum analyser use the channel frequencys for say BBC (10788V 2******5/6) and search, surely by trial and error you will be able to find Astra 28E this way for the UK FTA channels?

Obviously if you can see other dishes it helps with the initial aim of the dish.
teachme 07.03.2008, 03:50
have a look on here for sl65
i have the 240 volt silvercrest sl65 its pached with software and will open encrypted channals

hope it helps m8

luggagewarrior 13.03.2008, 12:28
Downloaded and installed, some of the channels then unscrambled from hotbird (I think). I'll dabble further, for all those with the aldi / lidl models, google the above zip file and hook onto the forums that present themselves. Plenty of info there.
Thanks for all the help
DannyV 14.03.2008, 15:39
I've just picked up the comag sl65/12 (same as silvercrest i think) I can get all the FTA channels on 28.8 and also open premiere on 19.2, the above comagforum is a goldmine of info for these little camping beasts! Good luck!
Nibb 14.03.2008, 15:45
Can you get any channels on 13E m8?
DannyV 14.03.2008, 16:31
I've not tried pointing at 13E mate... you reckon I could pick it up on my little 35cm dish!? Any good channels open on that sat?
Nibb 14.03.2008, 16:45
You could give it a go m8...I think TPS is still available on there.

DannyV 14.03.2008, 16:57
Just had a look... depends what chipset you have in your SL65... mine is E1 so wont decrypt TPS.

I can get premiere (19.2), polsat (13E) and digitv (1W) with my reciever but my little dish wont reach to 1W! Still not bad for ?69!
beerman 13.04.2008, 16:47
I grabbed one of these camping kits yesterday. I picked up a B1 chipset model so is open for all sorts when I patch the bugger. So far I haven't managed to get the satellite up because I have no idea where to point the bugger. It comes with a crappie compass but as I didn't get any instructions in the kit I have no Idea how to use it.

Has anyone got the instructions they could scan in for me please?
DannyV 13.04.2008, 17:27
There's some PDF instructions on the maplin site mate...


basically rotate the plastic dish to somewhere between London and Glasgow (depending on where you are). Stick it into the back of the dish and rotate until the compass points at 'Astra' (for 19E Premiere).

Good luck!
beerman 14.04.2008, 03:45
I reverted to looking at my sky dish and trial and error :D

Sitting here watching ManUre v Arse bandits at the moment with English audio. Took a while for the keys to update so missed the first half but for ?70 I'm very impressed. Roll on tomorrow for Wigan v Chelsea :D
beerman 14.04.2008, 03:47
BOLLOCKS. Fucking dish just fell off the window LOL.

I noticed the signal was going all funny then just as I finished posting the fecking thing fell off. Next weekends project is to get it up on the wall
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