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how to copy magnetic strip on cards?

pheonixsingh 05.09.2007, 15:18

i need some advice on how to copy the magnetic strip you get on credit card sized cards, and before anyone asks, no its nothing illegal or for credit cards lol.

its for a swipe card for a car park, if anyone as any info or if anyone could do it, that would be great :)
Phreakster 05.09.2007, 15:20
Just get a magnetic card reader/writer that can do RAW data, best bet would be ebay
Over carl 05.09.2007, 16:08
Some readers can't do all tracks. If your card is only one track, you may not need all, but best best to get one that can do all as you don't know.
plug1 05.09.2007, 17:57
yip make sure it reads all the tracks not just the center
if you get one that connects on com1
you can simply read the info on the strip with hyper term.

dannoble82 05.09.2007, 18:25
cant believe u can buy these, can you top up store cards etc with them (add points etc to your nectar card lol)
- not that i would of course
evilsatan 05.09.2007, 19:11
cant believe u can buy these, can you top up store cards etc with them (add points etc to your nectar card lol)
- not that i would of course

I doubt it as the way tesco points work at least is information is stored in their database not on your card, your card just tells them which account to credit the due points to. However some cards which do store credits can be hacked like the vending machines at some workplaces :whistling
Nikki 05.09.2007, 21:34
car park fee dodger :)
Sushi 29.02.2008, 01:09
Anyone know of one of these machines that can read/write the magnetic strips on the centre of paper tickets not credit cards. Like the ones they use on trains for example...
doughboy 29.02.2008, 01:21
was gonna post a similar question.

got the bottom one here ....

got a trial version of exeba-comm software, but not had any luck yet.
Over carl 29.02.2008, 01:36
I don't know about that particular reader, but back in the day a lot of people used to use the MSR 206 ....


Exeba seemed like great s/w, but I never managed to get it running either for some reason so I reverted to using the s/w that came with the reader (wouldn't work with anything else and I don't have the stuff anymore)

I did contemplate being naughty with london transport travel cards which were card with mag stripe down the middle. I found if I folded them very carefully I could read data from them. I couldn't make 100% sense of the data but could figure out the basic travelcard format and the areas that were changed for date or ticket type. Can't remember why but after collecting around 300 travel cards and sussing the hard bit I gave up on the idea and never even tried to write to one.

Also earlier using hyperterminal was mentioned - well I doubt it would for the msr206 as you need to send a command to the reader to get it to read. Also the bundled s/w could decipher the data into 3 different formats, was handy as data would just look like random crap unless you knew how it was encoded.
evilsatan 29.02.2008, 01:56
never even tried to write to one.

That's what the lawyers told you to say :whistling

This is a subject that has interested me for a while, problem is understanding encryption isn't so easy and I think ti will be another waste of money me buying the reader/writer.
Over carl 29.02.2008, 02:10
Honest, no joke, I never tried to write one. I think I wanted to totally figure the whole coding stucture out, then just make annual cards or something. Was a good few years ago so can't really remember the exact details why.

As I said, it wasn't hard (and I'm not a great code breaker or mathematician or anything)

Basicaly with the old lt cards, at first I couldn't understand any of the data, but after a while I noticed patterns. Will explain in the spoiler as it could waste a bit of page space.

I am just making up crap for the purpose of an example. These will be pretend sample card readouts.

Card 1. All zone travelcard bought on monday

Card 2. Zone 1 travelcard bought on monday

Card 3. All zone travelcard bought today

Card 4. Zone 1 travelcard bought today

You can obviously see the section that corresponds to ticket type and date purchased. (there was more details like station purchased at and details of last journey and stuff but lets just ingore that for now).

Basically if you can get a test batch of cards, and you know they are all the same except one variable, as long as the data is not securely encrypted, you can easily find out which part of the data has changed, and figure out the effects of substituting various values from various cards into that field.

The only problems I can see is if the data has a checksum at the end, if the data is encrypted, if cards have fixed serial numbers, if cards are a funny type that reader can't handle or if a server keeps details of all transactions and flags one card was used twice at the same time at different locations.
Breamy 29.02.2008, 04:06
were would i purchase a reader/writer from, cant seem to see any on ebay
DJAd 29.02.2008, 05:48
Ask elwood :whistling
Fresh 29.02.2008, 15:58
You dodgy fucker! :D
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