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Skyworth remote control codes

diablos 02.12.2006, 19:11
Has anyone got the codes for the skyworth dvd player, bought a tevion 8-1 control was wondering if anyone has the codes for it saves me trailing through all the sequences.

cheers in advance.
Welsh Pete 03.12.2006, 03:32
I bought the skyworth divx that was in biggys a few years back, and it was great.

That is until recently when the controller started playing up, then randomly working, then not working at all for days, then neither would the buttons on the divx player work either.

My all-in-1 remote wouldnt find it either...just like yours.

This being the case, I popped onto ebuyer, bought a cheap eltax divx replacement player, and happily took satisfaction in repeatedly attacking the skyworth my my Bosch Hammer drill, using an 18mm masonry bit...then the chisel was in the bin after that ;)
diablos 03.12.2006, 04:12
I have two mate they both work great but its the only thing my tevion remote wont find, i got it to go on and off with the code 0331 but the rest of the buttons dont function.

something tells me you should always stick to better brands as they always have the sony,jvc codes but these babys were such a bargain at the time i bought two.
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