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Star Wars Battlefront 2 - How to Multiplayer with cracked version ?

Raptor 20.08.2006, 05:00
The game just kicks out as soon as i choose multiplayer - any clues ?
tyront 21.08.2006, 02:10
i speak from expirence don't get your hopes up basicly people when they crack games they are doing this because it's going to last for a while

but with multiplayer games the servers just adapt to quickly so the hackers out there just can't be bothered you will proberly get be able to find one if you look hard enough but it will be out of date most proberly.

the other way is cracked servers like your trying to use that no one with a server can be bothered to do because most people rent them and are scared of getting banned from the provider.

my apoligies for the pessimisic post but better to say this now than you looking for a multiplayer crack for 3 months (possibly full of spyware)

hope this helps
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