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autodata install

carbandit 08.08.2006, 01:27
hello guys sorry to be a rite numpty but ive downloaded autodata from a torrent site and i cant get it to open and install on my pc now there are install notes with it but im bambooozed on how to do it any help guys please .... install notes here Install Autodata normally. Cancel the registration screen.
Copy the files ADBCD.EXE, ADDLL.DLL, SCAPIInterface.DLL over the files installed at C:\ABCDA2
blacksheep 08.08.2006, 01:59
well that seems fairly self explanatory - whereabouts you having probs?
doughboy 08.08.2006, 02:11
My one needed adbcd.exe to be run directly, and not the file it places on your desktop after install.
mc.dodd 10.08.2006, 02:21
delete the first shortcut created by install..then..look in C: ADCD folder, adbcd.exe is from that or make shortcut on desktop to it..
Ryan5262 10.08.2006, 02:33
same here the one on the desktop is a short cut to register it so just delete it.
Then Open C:\ADCD folder then open a new folder and open your downloaded autodat folder and copy ADBCD.EXE, ADDLL.DLL, SCAPIInterface.DLL over the files installed at C:\ABCDA2
Run ADBCD.EXE should work no probs after that
JOAKES24 13.08.2006, 13:52
Hi mate. Just wondered if you have had any problems with Autodata. I have the sme one as you and it always comes up with not enough memory to perform this operation. I have tried it on several computers, and all have had 1024MB Ram and above.

Just wondered if you were getting some jip, or maybe I am installing incorrectly, or the way round is a bit dodgy?

Ryan5262 14.08.2006, 01:22
think its just dodgy way round i get the same thing but work fine after that.
Over carl 14.08.2006, 15:09
Anyone generous enough to send me the .torrent?

I would give you k+, but it would probably come out -k, but still much appreciated.
blacklisted 15.08.2006, 02:09
for people having auto opening after copying the files over try runnning the adbcd.exe from the location of the install and not from the deskl top shortcut

You can make the anothe shortcut to the onne in the adbcd folder
JOAKES24 15.08.2006, 18:41
Thanks for your reply Ryan. Do you have a different way round for it then>
Ryan5262 21.08.2006, 06:39
program will run normally after wee error comes up just carry on will let you pick all stuff you need
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