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pinkest pussy ever (nsfw)

normanji 15.01.2006, 21:43
this has got to be the pinkest pussy i've ever seen
Shambles 15.01.2006, 21:49
You couldn't honestly use one of those without feeling guilty :omg
Instigater 15.01.2006, 22:59
what are u chatting about, all i see is some start wars guy on the bog
CzarJunkie 15.01.2006, 23:04
Christ, I've seen some lame shit posted here but this about tops the lot. No prizes for guessing where we're heading....... nono
TwoPlAnKs 16.01.2006, 03:23
lol smooth - link to a random image :D
Cenus_ 16.01.2006, 03:40

I got a dog in a dishwasher, nice.
maverick_15 16.01.2006, 04:12
i got a fella with eyes tattoed across his arm held across his face lol
Shambles 16.01.2006, 04:20
Well hossed :D

My original reply was based on a midget taking an extending piss up into a urinal shaped like a nuns pink mouth.
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