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IMEI Blacklist Check

Adit18 10.01.2006, 19:35
Hi folks.

Is there anyway to check if a phones been blacklisted?
There must be a facility out there to check if a phone has been blacklisted before you buy it.

Now I know the AFTER you but a phone it may get blacklisted, but it would still be useful if there was a way to check the current blacklist. It seems as though none of the network providers offer a IMEI check service.

Surely an IMEI checking system (preferably a free one) would work in everyone's benefit.
BrianT 10.01.2006, 20:13
I saw one for t mobile, but it was crap. All the phones I had that were ok, came up as "unknown status", and all the blacklisted ones came back saying they were ok. I tried 10 different phones all returned false info.
fonetech 11.01.2006, 04:05
Oh yes that would be great, lets make it even easier for people changing IMEI numbers

They would have access to a database then just check the 15 digits to see if its ok

Common it doesnt take a scientist to work that one out
Adit18 11.01.2006, 05:31
So now I know why there probably isn't a check available.

Sadly there are always more people that abuse information available to them rather than use it for legitimate purposes.
matt1chelski 11.01.2006, 06:18
i suppose if the people wernt there to abuse it, it wouldnt be needed in the first place. lol, ah well......
coin-op 11.01.2006, 06:26
Vodafone have one - you ring them up and give them the imei and they tell you if it's blacklisted.
Problem is you need the password of the day, I assume it goes out to stores each day. I used to work at a well known repair centre and if I told them this they invariably gave me the info, saved trying to fix a non-existent network fault on a blacklisted phone.
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