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XBMC keyboard commands

maltloaf 07.12.2005, 09:47
I have been trying to control xbmc with my keyboard that i use for xbox linux. Some functionality is there but I cant seem to find all of the controls. Is there a list anywhere of the pre-defined controls ? Have looked in the official docs briefly but cant see it.


maltloaf 07.12.2005, 10:17
ok got a few down, can anyone add to this list...

+ Vol up
- Vol down
backspace rewind (same as left dpad i think)
r Rewind
f Fast forward
i info
o timer
enter on screen controller (then arrows and enter to use)
esc to exit OSC
Z zoom mode
X exit
< Rewind
> FF
Space Pause
Jesta 07.12.2005, 12:11
find your keymap.xml file mate.
all may be inside??...
derived from ....
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