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VW Alpha cc radio code

jukujuurikas 22.02.2004, 12:56
I need code blaupunkt-werke GMBH
7 ******0:splease
jukujuurikas 22.02.2004, 19:12
could enybody help me please, I would be very creatfull
jukujuurikas 23.02.2004, 17:43
please help me somebody. Johnjo,Couillemolle, Simon or anybody please help me
couillemolle 24.02.2004, 00:12
no code from serial for this kind of radio
don't ask please for vw,grundig,
ther is no code from serial
if you have a programmer just read eeprom 24c01 and send me the dump
so I ll give you code
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posted wrong bp,alpha,fiat calc no code on this one
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